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Covert Park Beach and Campground

80559 32nd Avenue
Covert, Michigan 49043

Open May 15th to October 15th

Phone: 269-764-1421
Email: covertpark@hotmail.com
For more information visit our NEW website: http://www.covertpark.com

Extra funds will be used toward future park developments.
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· Go to www.ioby.org/project/covert
· Enter the dollar amount you would like to donate in the orange field on the right and click on “Donate to this Project”.

· Follow the steps to enter your payment information.

· A receipt will be emailed to you.


· Write a check to ioby with the preferred donation amount and list the campaign name “Bicentennial Park and Trailhead” on the memo line.

· Send the check to ioby at 540 President St. 3rd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11215.

· If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your check donation, please include a note with the check requesting a receipt and list your name, email address and phone number.


· The Treasurer can receive cash donations and deposit in an escrow account. A receipt will be given and the name and address of the donor documented.

· A check will then be cut to ioby.org to include in the running total of money collected.

· Send the check to ioby at 540 President St. 3rd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11215.


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If we collect 10 donations by July 12, ioby will donate an extra $500!


Bicentennial Park and Trailhead: PHASE ONE


The current Bicentennial Park, located on the north side of downtown next to the Covert Branch Library, served as a neighborhood playground to local residents for decades. It was home to the veteran’s memorial, which was relocated to the southwest corner of Lake and M-140. The derelict play equipment was removed in February of 2017 due to liability concerns, as well as the fencing.

The Park Advisory Committee would like to relocate Bicentennial Park to the southwest corner of Lake and M-140 and rename it Bicentennial Park & Trailhead. This site is located about 1,600 feet west of Van Buren State Park Trail, a county trail that ties into the regionally serving Kal-Haven Trail, and 3 miles east of US Bike Route 35, a long-distance cycling route spanning multiple states. This site also provides much higher visibility, adjacency to other municipal buildings, and better accessibility to students after school due to the nearby K-12 facility. A public housing facility that houses many local seniors is also in close proximity. This property is also one (1) acre in size, which effectively doubles the current park’s area.

Funding & Support

The Covert Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution on March 14, 2017 to authorize the submission of a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Application and dedicate 26% of the project cost for the PHASE ONE development of Bicentennial Park and Trailhead. We are seeking $264,180 in grant funds.

The Covert Park Advisory Committee is working with vendors to establish a “Donate a Bench” program for private donors and organizations who are interested in contributing to this project. We will also plan to accept cash donations from the public in the near future.

The design of this project was “community led”. In addition to multiple public hearings, Wightman & Associates attended Covert Public School’s annual “Backpack Give Away” to get feedback from students, their families and faculty. Members of the local Van Buren Civic Organization attended our meetings to represent our senior residents. Other active community members who participated in the process included representatives of the Covert Public School Board of Education and the Covert Township Branch Library. The consensus was that there existed a desire to have a centrally located space for residents of all ages to recreate, take walks and hold public gatherings. The Park Advisory Committee also recognized the opportunity to link into the Van Buren Trail State Park to connect our neighboring communities and service the ever-expanding trail community. We have also obtained letters of support from multiple community leaders in Covert Township.

For more information on this project and others, view Covert Township’s entire 5-Year Park and Recreation Plan here.