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Board of Review Members

Dawn Alspaugh
Pam Baker
Keith Gleiss

Alternate:  Mia Bennett




COVERT, MI 49043


Meeting Agenda

Please take notice that the Covert Township Board of Review will hold a remote/electronic meeting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the Open Meetings Act and orders from the MDHHS, at 2:00 p.m., on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, and shall be available to the public and Board of Review members to attend and participate in through remote electronic access as provided in this Notice. The purpose of this meeting is to correct qualified errors and to consider appeals related to principal residence exemptions, qualified agricultural exemptions, taxable value uncapping, the disabled veteran’s exemption and poverty exemptions, clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact. The December Board of Review does not hear valuation appeals. No protests will be heard at this time.

  1. The Township Board of Review meeting’s agenda may be viewed at the Township website: http://www.coverttwp.com/home.
  2. Individuals are encouraged to actively participate in the meeting through electronic participation using Zoom, including providing public comment, through online electronic conferencing and telephone. To download Zoom, go to the following link: https://zoom.us/support/download.
  3. After downloading and launching Zoom, you may join the meeting using the link or telephone numbers below. For more help on signing in and joining a meeting, please view the following: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting. It is recommended that all individuals participate electronically. Participants can access the electronic meeting through the following link:


  1. The Zoom meeting ID is 841 4230 3720. The access code is 988323.
  2. Participants can partake in the meeting via telephone by calling:

(1) 646 876 9923

(1) 301 715 8592

Meeting ID: 841 4230 3720
             Passcode: 988323


Once individuals have joined the meeting, the Township will provide information about procedures for participation.

  1. Questions and comments may also be submitted prior to the meeting by email or by calling the Township Clerk, Naomi Barnes, at clerk@coverttwp.com or (269)-764-8986 ext. 2.
  2. Further information and materials related to this meeting can be found on the Township’s website at http://www.coverttwp.com/home.
  3. Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should contact the Township Clerk at clerk@coverttwp.com or (269)-764-8986 ext. 2, at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting to request visual, hearing, technological, or other assistance.
  4. Please test your meeting software prior to the meeting. If you are unable to access the software due to technical difficulties, please call the Clerk prior to the scheduled meeting. Every effort will be made to ensure participation in the meeting.

Naomi Barnes
Clerk, Covert Township
73943 Lake Street
Covert, MI 49043

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