For Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Applications/Permits/Inspections contact:

Covert Township
Office Manager

Laura Fogarty
Phone:  269-764-8986
Phone:  269-764-5138

Kindly do not contact Building, Electrical, or Mechanical Inspector to schedule any inspections.

For Zoning, Building, Electrical,and Mechanical Information please call:

Zoning Official
Alton Neal
Phone: 269-729-9244
Cell: 269-223-0970

Plan Reviewer & Building Official
Ted Hanson
Phone: 269-729-9244
Cell: 269-419-9420

Electrical Inspector
Chaunsey Hackenberg
Phone: 269-729-9244
Cell: 269-998-3875

Mechanical Inspector
Walter DeVisser
Phone: 269-729-9244
Cell: 269-427-7543


Driveway Culvert Notice

Excerpt from: Van Buren County Road Commission, Township Transportation Partners Booklet 12/2018

"Driveways are a resident's access point to their property. This access point must be permitted by the Road Commission according to the process outlined below. Proper installation and maintenance of driveways, including culverts, is the responsibility of the property owner (or a designated, permitted contractor). The Road Commission is able to provide installation for a fee.

Property Owners must maintain their driveway culverts to prevent drainage problems for the roadway. Proper driveway maintenance includes: Removing debris from the culvert regularly and maintaining culvert end sections. If a property owner recognizes an issue with their culvert they can request the Road Commission inspect the culvert by submitting a driveway permit application, available here.

If the Road Commission recognizes a concern with a property owner's driveway and/or culvert, the Road Commission will make contact with the property owner either in person or by mail/notice. The Road Commission will work with the property owner to provide information necessary to make corrections. If the property owner refuses to comply, a formal encroachment notice will be issued and the Road Commission will proceed with necessary repairs, to be billed to the property owner. If the property owner does not pay for these repairs, the Road Commission will work with our Township Partners to get uncollected repairs added to tax bills (MCL 247.181)."

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